october 7 2011 – today i graduated from secondary school!

it’s sad, because i’ve been in the same school (from primary to secondary straight) for 10 whole years, so it’s become like a second home to me. everyday, i’m so used to coming to school as usual, seeing all my friends, sleeping through lessons. so much so that it’s become a routine ( ´ ▽ ` )

now we’ve all graduated, we’re no longer going to be able to come to school like normal, and go about our school life like before. everyone’s growing up, we’re taking our national exams in two weeks (OH NO), we move on. and that’s sad (・_・、)

but that’s the sad part. the nice part is that today we get to cherish all our 4〜10 years worth of memories in school ♡ i don’t think i’ll ever forget those! anyway, 10 years is a lot. i’d be having a problem if i did.

as a lame parting gift, i left my graduation cat on the whiteboard ~

nyan! mini steve jobs tribute lol.

well anyway i think the cleaners probably wiped it off already (ノ∇・、)

to my school, my friends, (some of) my teachers, thank you for these 10 years ☆ one day, i’d like to cross paths again with everyone.

Class of 2011!

P.S. i said it before somewhere, but i still love it that on this day last week takahashi ai graduated after 10 years of morning musume; today i graduated after 10 years of school.


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