Ups and Downs of a Day

when something brings you down, there’s always something, someone to bring you up again. or at least that’s what i like to think ( ´ ω`)

getting back my test results at school aren’t often happy occasions for me. usually i can ace stuff like english and literature, but math and science are the absolute pits.

today wasn’t an exception(; ̄ェ ̄)

i was in a bad mood because of that. i guess that was the downside of the day.

but there’s an upside: the people that help me back to my feet—friends.

my friends are the ones who still support me with a smile, and that’s all the encouragement i need to bounce back again ☆

that’s what friends are for, right? they’re there with you when you succeed, and they’re still there when you don’t.

for that, i’m truly grateful ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

and there are the friends who can’t always be there at the time. but i know they still think of me, so thank you too ♡


(this wordy post might be better appreciated if you listen to stardust serenade by momoclo or something similarly sentimental)


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