Momokuro Love

i’ve been listening to momoiro clover all day! (⌒∇⌒) i was taking a break from studying, and for some reason i went online and started downloading the battle and romance album. the album tracks are amazing! i’m hugely in love with momokuro’s vocals, they’re so addictive ☆ especially kanako and momoka, their voices are one of the best i’ve heard.

even though it’s just wistful dreaming, i’ve always wished i had a good voice (ノД`) my voice is only good for talking and squeaking, so it’s a safe bet to say i’m on a completely different level below most people. for a while i did try to do fandubs, but i pretty much gave up. a good voice is not something i can pursue by myself (´A`。)

i wonder what it’ll be like to be someone with such a nice voice like kanako? or airi? or everyone in H!P? i’d want to sing all day long.

in my fantasies, i like to play that i’m one of them. the main thing i’m lacking is a nice voice. which, sadly, is the primary criteria ρ(・ω・、)

but like i said, i still have my dreams ☆ so for now, i’ll continue holding concerts in my dreams when i sleep, and dance to my heart’s content on a stage.

no pic today, so here’s the wassant i ate the other day ~


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