Candy PinkーYummy Earpieces

my earpieces broke today. one side sort of dismantled itself, so i couldn’t listen to any music on the bus ride to tuition (ノ_・、)

but after class i went to buy a new pair, i didn’t have much money with me so i just got the cheap, brandless ones. but they’re cute and of decent quality, so i love them( ´∀`)candy pink with stars in an M&M shape ☆

and  i started using them immediately ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆ that made me happy, because yesterday i mass downloaded a whole bunch of new songs, including MM’s new single! i kept replaying the bit where the two songs connected at the back and front, that was funヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ

i tend to replay my songs before they even finish. sometimes i just get this feeling like i didn’t fully relish the front part, so i just replay it again and again ( ̄▽ ̄)

plus i do behave weirdly when i have my earpieces on…if no one’s looking i can start lipsynching or dancing in my head, it happens all the time. of course it gets kind of awkward if someone sees me, but that doesn’t matter! because i always feel like everyone else who isn’t listening to the same music as i am at that time is majorly missing out.


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