Wassants and Letters ♪

i think i enjoyed today more than yesterday ☆ i’m getting used to the pre-exam intensive revision, because the graduating batch just does our revision and lessons in the big hall with the air conditioner on. so it’s cold, and i get to wear my fluffy school jacket ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

when i went home after school, my friend and i visited the bakery at the mall to buy bread. we do that on the days we skip lunch(●^U^●)because bread is yummy and soft, fuwa fuwaaa ♡

i got a pafu pafu bun and a wassant! wassants are the yummiest confectionaries ever, they’re soft and small and sweet.

cream wassant(*^・^)

yummy fluffy wassant, something to sweeten up my day!

and then i came home, and i got something even better ~ i received the letter from my friend in japan, it made me happy too! it was easy to distinguish in the pile, because the envelope had polka dots.

the letter was really sweet, it cheered me up a lot. i think one of the best things you can receive is a friend’s sincerity! it brightens your day ☆ so i hope i can do the same for her. i’m going to post my letter tomorrow, i hope…meh but i wonder if i can measure up to her cute letters, even the stamps from japan are so much prettier ( ゚д゚)

still, it’s the thought that counts. and i love sending and receiving letters, because the feeling’s so great whenever you exchange mail with someone ♡


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