Careers Day? But I’m just a kid…

we had careers day in school for the graduating classes today! it was kind of fun~ i went for the media broadcasting talk, and it was really interesting. did you know radio DJs’ voices can be so attractive? the visiting DJs from the radio station had such pretty voices, it makes you want to listen to them foreverヽ(*´Д`*)ノ but i guess that’s the point of radio stations.

i’ve pretty much decided that i want to be a writer when i grow up, or a radio DJ or a writer on a magazine. but i still have my idol fantasies…and just now i said i wanted to be a manager. my teacher looked impressed, but i think she was disappointed when i added “of a Japanese girl group”. still, it’s not like i have many opportunities for that (;∇;)

ah well ♪〜(* ̄ε ̄*)

i don’t usually like to post my own pictures here, but couldn’t resist this one…

see you tomorrow(*^ワ^*)


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