Pocket Morning (Apple Cake Ver.) – Vol 1

it’s Pocket Morning (Apple Cake Ver.) ~ i love pocket morning because i enjoy reading the personal answers from all the members, especially when the questions are really interesting! because of these, we really get to know more about the idol’s personality and interests. the answers always make me smile (o´∀`o)

i don’t think my own answers warrant a smile though.

anyway, i’ll fire off the first batch(丿`▽)丿━━━━* these are from the latest ones then going down.

If you could go to a world that was full of _____, what would it be?

Friendly and smiling people.

Is there anything you’re sure you wouldn’t lose in to any other Hello!Project member?

Gymnastics, definitely ☆ Oh, and English.

What pet would you like to raise?

A dog. I love dogs, and I’m always envious of people who have them. A pet to cuddle and love would be great encouragement for me everyday. (人´∀`)

What is the country you want to visit most?

It’s obviously Japanヽ( ̄ ̄∇ ̄ ̄)ノI love everything in it. I want to visit a H!P shop, a H!P event, Nekobukuro, Asakusa, and a lot of other places.

Please tell us your way to deal with stress.

I start flinging everything onto my bed, including myself. And then when I calm down I listen to happy H!P music.

What’s a hairstyle you’d like to try once?

All the (nice) H!P hairstyles! Idols always have amazing hair, I’m envious. I especially want to try Airi’s side-combed hair, it’s cool.

If you were to work part-time, what job would you choose?

A bookshop, so that I can read during my breaks! Or a maid café (lol)

Do you have any special way to deal with anxiety?

I tell myself I can do it, and that there are friends who are willing to support me in whatever I do. That makes me feel lighter.

What words from other people make you happy?

“You’re really nice to talk to!” or, “You’re good at that”, or any other kind words. I’m really happy whenever friends talk to me, and they give me encouraging words. I thrive on compliments too because it makes me feel better and work harder, so that I don’t let them down!


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