what a dreary saturday! studystudystudy. i’ve gone for tuition class six days a week, and it’s supposed to be our holiday week.

what is this( ̄〜 ̄;)

but then again, i’m not supposed to be slacking now, my major exams (O levels) are coming up. which is kind of a letdown, i can’t even afford to play much now. and that means i have to be studying 24/7 and i’m not even supposed to be on the computer now or looking at anything irrelevant.

thank goodness for mobile phones.

still, i’m trying to be good and study! everyday i try to motivate myself by reminding myself of all the fun things i’m going to do after O levels. the only thing is, it becomes a distraction after that. nothing ever wants to go my way ρ(・ω・、)

i’m going to go crazy after i graduate and finish my major exams. because after my Os i’m going to…

– sleep
– live in the computer
– open my graphics thread again
– paint my nails
– go out with friends
– shop online everyday

yes please! the chances are looking very good at the moment, so if there’s any real motivation, it’s to go to tokyo at the end of the year and finally claw my way to an actually H!P event. i’ve been preparing for years! so i only hope that i do well enough for my exams.


at least i have toto for support.

it looks so aichan-ish

till then! i will just keep burning the midnight oil and studying (and trying not to go on twitter).

tomorrow i’ll do a pocket morning special! because i know you all hate it when i moan on and on about the irrelevant stuff ( ̄∇ ̄)


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