Sashihara Rino!

i met AKB48’s Sashihara Rino of team A today! i got to high five her ~

she had a solo event today at the AKB48 cafe, but i couldn’t afford the $35 ticket so i was kind of down about it. but then they announced that she was going to make an appearance at the shop in the afternoon, and if you managed to be there within 20 minutes you could meet her!

so i got kind of panicky and i rushed straight from my math class, and the whole time on the bus i was ranting all over twitter because i was running late and i didn’t want to miss seeing one of my favourite members in AKB.

fortunately i got there just in time! there was a crowd of people outside the shop,and i assumed that was the queue to enter the shop. at first, they said you had to spend at least $20 on sasshi goods in order to meet her, so i was prepared and arrived armed with my wallet and extra cash.

but guess what?

one of the staff suddenly started waving his hand in the other direction, and he said that those who wanted to high five her could line up outside. i didn’t even have to buy anything! (i mean, i would still buy sasshi’s goods)

so i got into the queue, and sasshi herself really started making her way down the line, high fiving everyone and smiling and thanking them. i was getting into my usual idol encounter mode, and my legs turned into jelly. it always happened. she was coming nearer, nearer…


i was really on the hop. i started smiling stupidly as she came nearer, and when she came in front of me, my mind turned into a sea anemone. it was sasshi, the real sasshi, smiling at me. she was so cute, and her face was really lovely and sweet. her smile was so genuine!

i high fived her and i started babbling as i always do when i’m nervous.

“sasshi no burogu saikou!” i said, and she gave me a huge smile and thanked me. so i hurtled on like a train, and i asked her if she liked hagiwara mai, to which her eyes lit up and she went “ohhhh hagiwara mai ga suki desu!” and i melted on the spot. so we did the typical wave-and-baibai routine, and then she moved on. “mata ne!” she said to me before moving away.

it was amazing! i think sasshi’s one of the nicest idols i’ve ever seen, she’s just so genuine and friendly! i think idols who are wotas themselves really relate to us fans, so they’re really warm when they interact with us. that’s sasshi. she’s just so great.

i heard her chirping out other idols’ names too. i could hear her going “kamei eri-chan!” and “s/mileage!” and at one point i heard her go “suzuki airi!” i think that was when she saw someone wearing an airi shirt. it was awesome how she recognised all those idols! wota sasshi for life ヽ(´▽`)/ and i’m so glad she said she liked maimai too!

too bad the high touch session was so brief though. she was gone in a matter of seconds (・へ・;;) i think i saw her take a picture with a fan who held out his camera. i’m not sure. jealous me p(´⌒`q)

still, i’m so glad she high fived me and smiled so warmly at me! meeting idols are really the best, it makes me so happy ♡

now my greatest dream is to meet my beloved H!P girls.


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