Totoro’s Recovery

what a dull day ~ i couldn’t go out today, so i got my good friend to come over for a while! she helped me operate on totoro, who’s been a bit ripped up for a while. he lost an eye, and his tail was half torn off the butt. i can’t sew for nuts, so my friend agreed to help ( ´∀`)

one eyed totoro (ノД`)

so she got sewing ~


and the tail too!


and then totoro was finally all in one piece, yey! to my friend, thank you so much(*^・^)CHU〜☆

i’ve always been hopeless at sewing. i can do the basic stuff like cross stitch and doing back stitches or whatever they’re called, but don’t call on me to mend anything that’s worn. instead, i always appreciate people who can sew! m(_ _)m

healthy and happy totoro!

that said, i’m going to get off the computer soon and continue studying again. how banal. but i’m going to keep listening to tachiagaaru’s live rip, i can’t get it enough of it ☆ i really love cheerful, upbeat songs!


2 Responses to “Totoro’s Recovery”

  1. 1 Chobineko September 6, 2011 at 6:10 AM

    This Totoro plushie is big. I love Totoro ~
    So now there’s Toto & Totoro, such awesome!

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