More drawings!

i’m back with more sketches ☆ i don’t know why i keep doing these couple scenes. i guess i just find them really sweet ~ again, they’re tooyama ema’s characters from mamacolle. really heartwarming but pointless manga ( ̄∇ ̄)


♥ ♥ ♥

The boy is so cute, isn’t he ♪d(´▽`)b

That’s the kind of guy I’d like! In my dictionary, also known as Made In Japan Cute. (some of you might know this already) Such cuteness and great personality, who wouldn’t like a guy like that ~ (except guys) Still, I’m well aware that manga characters are only 2D. The only real alternative who’s classified as MIJC is Mayuyu, and even then I don’t think it’s really realistic either.

Well look at me, harping on about all this boy stuff! I’m not into the idea of having boyfriends yet, but I always appreciate a bit of pointless fangirling over 2D/fictional boys. Guess I’m still a kid huh(*´ー`)

But yeah. It all stemmed from all these drawings I’ve been doing recently. I want to do more! But I have to study too, so there isn’t always much time (´A`。) Still, I’m trying my best! ☆ To do more drawings, more fangirling, and study at the same time.

my favourites so far.

seeya! (・ω・)


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