Waking up at 6am again = more eyebags sigh

I had to wake up early again today! I haven’t been going to school at all this week, so I’ve kind of gotten lazy about waking up. Everyday school starts early and I have to wake up at 6am, it’s kind of a pain especially when I sleep late the night before. Which is almost all the time ( ̄△ ̄;) I’m the kind of person who has to sleep, so yeah. No all nighters for me.

After school I had lessons at the North Pole. Which is my tuition centre. It’s really cold down there, so I always bring my fluffy school jacket there. Though I still wear my shorts all the time… (´ε`;)ゝ

It was getting pretty boring, but then I checked H!O on my phone after lessons, and I found out I won the title of Maimai’s greatest fan! I was really happy! I’m happiest about the fact that 36 people actually voted for me, I was so grateful that people recognise my love for Mai. In the end, I didn’t have to go all out and campaign for the title, I just decided that all I’ll do is be open about my love for Mai, as I always am. It’s not a secret or anything that I’m her fan. Being Mai’s fan has given me so much joy and energy, and because of her I appreciate all the other fans who love Mai just as much as I do. So I have to say that everyone is really the greatest fan of Mai, everyone deserves to be seen for that. Congratulations to those who are happy with the results! And thank you to the 36 who voted for me. I really, really, really appreciate that there are people who thought of me ♥

Since I’m full of gratitude tonight, I just want to extend more thanks to my friend who gave me a new ribbon just now. Confession: I love ribbons.

it’s toto ♡

That’s all for tonight. No school tomorrow! My friends are coming to my house to study, and I’m going to record a new dance too hawhaw.


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