Sketching, sketching ~ ♪

no school again today! technically it’s a school day, but i don’t take the physics exams so i don’t have to go. whoopee-doo ヽ(´▽`)/

so i just went for my boring old tuition again.

but before that i got to do more drawing! did three sketches, i’m pretty proud of them ~ i don’t usually colour in my sketches because i’m terrified of ruining them. so i just leave them as they are, i think they look better in black and white anyway. here are the three i’ve done so far ☆

a sketch of yukina and mami from watashi ni xx shinasai

these are from mamacolle.

and then from tooyama ema’s oneshot.

i ended up making the dresses a lot plainer than they’re supposed to be in the original picture, because i have no idea how to draw all those frills and lace thingamabobs. i did try a lame attempt at lace, but it doesn’t make much difference.

still, i’m happy with what i did! it’s been a long time since i did proper drawing, drawing makes me happy ~ and it’s a mom-approved pastime too. it’s just that i’m very, very slow at copying out the picture.

oh, i got a birthday present for my friend too! pink marshmallow bunnies. but they’re so freakishly pink and sugary that i’m not sure if she can eat them. still they’re cute and that’s what matters (  ̄ 3  ̄ )

“i can always eat them for her…”


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